K5 Learning Reviews 2019

K5 Learning
k5 learning math class picture online

Parents generally want their child to succeed and therefore try to supplement their child’s education at home. As much as some parents try, many do not know where to begin.

For instance, it is difficult to decide which phonological skills are weak or which mathematical skills should be developed.

Then the summer slump comes around. The summer slump causes children to lose anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks of education and academic growth. All these issues should be a thing of the past with K5 Learning.

K5 Learning is specifically designed to support parents and education providers in their quest to help children from kindergarten to grade 5 succeed in school.

De-clutter your mind, you’re about to make a big discovery, one that will transform your kids’ lives forever.

For example, have you used online tutor programs that had a lot of bright colors and clumsy pages that made learning difficult and frustrating?

Well, you won’t have this problem with the K5 Learning program.

K5 lessons consist of traditional colors and clear pages. This helps your child concentrate on their work without distraction.

As a matter of fact, most users have commended the brilliant user interface.

Keeping the page simple and consistent encourages the child’s learning and helps keep them focused while ensuring that the child is not overwhelmed with the entire online education process.

Getting Started with K5 Learning

Getting started with the program is straight forward. The first task is running a simple assessment of the child to evaluate their placement. The results of the assessment are published in the report section for the parent to review. The results are accurate and reflect the strengths and weaknesses of the child.

k5 learning free assessment reports
K5 Learning Reading Assessment Sample Report

Once the assessment has been completed, the program will automatically assign lessons focused on the areas in which the child needs improvement (you may also manually choose assignments).

K5 Learning Content

The K5 Learning program caters to children from kindergarten to the 5th grade. The content is set up to allow you to watch your child grow and learn at their own level and pace. They will be given personalized tasks which include more than 3000 interactive multimedia, activities, and tutorials.

K5 Award Winning Content
5K Learning Award Winning Content

The K5 Learning content is made to focus on developing your child’s ability to solve math problems, read, spell, and develop study skills.

Program Design

The K5 Learning website is great at catering to young children through the use of fun and exciting animation.

K5 Learning Sample Geometry Lesson
K5 Learning Sample Geometry Lesson

Also the K5 Learning website is very easy to navigate without extra elements distracting the young learner.

5K Learning Student Home Page Design
5K Learning Student Home Page Design

The system selects lessons based on previous assessments, tracks the students’ progress, and provides reports to parents.

The K5 Learning program consists of 4 modules, these are:

K5 Learning Math – Helps students gain stronger math skills.

K5 Learning Reading – Teaches students to become great readers.

K5 Learning Math Facts– An adaptive program aimed at developing the child’s ability to recall math facts instantly.

K5 Learning Spelling – Spelling and grammar/vocabulary tutor.

Parental Progress Reports

Parents are able to view their child’s progress through a report sheet. This helps the parent track their child’s learning journey and provide support where need be.

K5 Learning Sample Progress Report
K5 Learning Sample Progress Report

Fun to Learn

Learning should be fun, and to make things a little more exciting and to encourage positive learning, features such as robot dogs dance when a child provides a correct answer.


Through the K-5 online reading lessons, kids begin reading through several learning programs. Students learn phonetics, composition/sentence building, sight words, reading, and comprehension.

Furthermore, the K5 Learning program is packed with fun-filled and engaging activities.


K5 has mathematical levels ranging from introductory algebra to all the intermediate levels for steady development.

Spelling and Vocabulary

K5 creates spelling lists that are based on your child’s level. You can create custom word lists if needed.

The spelling and vocabulary drills help develop your child’s vocabulary skills. For instance, K5 audio provides a word, the program reads out a definition, and also uses the word in a sentence to provide context. Then the student is required to type the correct spelling of the pronounced word.

K5 Learning Worksheets

K5 Learning Free Preschool and Kindergarten Worksheets
K5 Learning Preschool and Kindergarten Sample Worksheet

The K5 Learning program provides free printable worksheets for math, grammar, reading comprehension, and vocabulary.

These free worksheets will reinforce the knowledge previously acquired through the K5 Learning program.

For instance, assuming your child is working on a particular subject. The worksheet will teach your child what the objective was, vocabulary terms, and ask multiple choice questions to test their progress.

K5 Learning Highlights

  • Automatic placement of the student in a level based on their assessment results
  • Option to customize and assign lessons according to parental preference
  • Easy to use user interface and navigation
  • Personalized pace for each student
  • Comprehensive assessment reports
  • Learning based on mastery

Pricing for the K5 Learning Program

This comprehensive program costs $14.95 per month for the first child and $9.95 for each additional child. Or you can take advantage of paying just $119 annually for the first child and $79 for each additional child.

Also there’s a 14 day free trial offer that requires no risk on your part. There is no contract and no credit card information needed.